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The LA-EDI (Types I and II) .... and the new Duo-Floc LA-EDI

The performance optimizing "LA-EDI" inlet (U.S. Patent Ser. No. US 6,276,537 B1) was developed
to respond to the problem of turbulence in the centerwell area of many clarifiers.

This unique design has been demonstrated at the City of Los
Angeles 450 mgd Hyperion plant to provide at least 50% more treatment
capacity than any other modification currently available.

The plant has since installed them in all 36 of its clarifiers, yielding an
increase in capacity of at least 10 mgd per clarifier.

In 2008, the Type II LA-EDI was developed especially for smaller diameter (less than 100-ft) clarifiers, where it is not practical to insert a high-performing energy-dissipating inlet inside a smaller diameter centerwell. The Type II LA-EDI solves this problem by combining the centerwell and the LA-EDI into a single efficient structure.

There are now over 200 LA-EDI installations in the U.S., some of them routinely
treating in excess of 1200 gal/sf/day.

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