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The New DUO-FLOC LA-EDI (Patent Pending)

With increasingly stringent effluent limits, the focus has moved from the basic settling function to optimizing flocculation within the secondary clarifier. The new DUO-FLOC LA-EDI was developed to respond to this need through extensive computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling. The CFD models of the internals were constructed within the framework of the FLOW-3D software system, based on design information provided from current LA-EDI installations. This modeling effort discovered the benefit of including internal flow-directional vanes as well as peripheral wall-mounted baffles. This combination of LA-EDI internals was shown to be the optimal configuration to control velocity gradients and to enhance flocculation within the LA-EDI structure.


Figure 1: Velocity Distribution in Horizontal Plane – Basic EDI

Figure 2: Velocity Distribution in Horizontal Plane – DUO-FLOC LA-EDI