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CPE Services, Inc. / Clarifier Performance Evaluations, Inc.
JOHN K. ESLER, President

CPE Services, Inc. (now C.P.E., Inc.) was formed in 1989 to provide technical assistance and training to the water and wastewater treatment sector.

Providing technical assistance for industrial and municipal treatment plants, C.P.E., Inc. has pioneered in the field of analyzing and optimizing clarifier performance. > With experience at over two hundred municipal and industrial facilities and with hundreds of individual clarifiers, its staff has developed special techniques for conducting detailed evaluations of a clarifier’s performance. This same technology has also been used to determine the flow characteristics of lagoons, chlorine contact tanks, and other process reactors.

C.P.E., Inc. also presents training programs for individual treatment facilities, and has provided water- and wastewater-related seminars and workshops for State and Inter-State agencies as well as for professional organizations, such as the Water Environment Federation.

Our "Optimizing Clarifier Performance" workshop has been presented to operators and engineers at various WEF Member Associations and Industrial sites across the country as well as in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. The program includes topics and questions such as:

Updated information for activated sludge, trickling filter, and rotating biological contactor facilities will be provided. Following a re-introduction to the basic concepts and criteria, this workshop will deal with many issues confronting today’s operators and engineers such as:

How can I handle more wet weather flow? What effect will my RAS rate have on performance?

Do I need a bigger center well?…a deeper center well?…an energy dissipating inlet?

What is the best weir/launder configuration? How can I improve the hydraulics of my clarifiers?

What’s new and good?…and what’s new and not so good?

Each topic will be accompanied by case history examples to illustrate the different aspects of clarifier operation and performance along with an “open session” where you can bring in your own clarifier concerns and share your ideas on “how to build the better clarifier!”. This workshop will also discuss new changes to the "10 States Standards", the New England TR-16 Standards, and the Texas clarifier design standards

Attendees should have available for discussion the design and current operating data for their clarifiers such as size, depth, scraper speed, flow rates, RAS rates, SVI, etc.