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Lessons Learned From Over 150 Full-Scale Clarifier Field Evaluations

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Model Test Results

The clarifier design community has shown a great deal of interest in the new LA-EDI.

  • CPE Services, Inc. had already demonstrated during the full-scale field tests at the LA-Hyperion plant that this opposing-jet nozzle design dramatically reduced the turbulence in the center of these new clarifiers. The LA-EDI corrected this turbulent condition and increased the capacity of these clarifiers by at least 50%.

In order to better describe the beneficial effect of this design on the hydraulic conditions in a poor performing clarifier, we turned to a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model. The following is a report of a CFD analysis of the impact of adding an LA-EDI to a clarifier that was in failure. We had previously conducted a rigorous field evaluation on this 120-ft diameter x 12-ft sidewater depth clarifier. The data inserted in the CFD model is the actual plant data.

The CFD analysis concluded that the effluent TSS from this clarifier could be reduced dramatically by correcting the central area turbulence, thus producing a hydraulic regime that is more conducive to improved clarification.


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