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Mid-Atlantic- A“Baffling Solution”!

The Project:

These 115-ft  suction manifold clarifiers were designed to treat a wet weather flow of 7.5 mgd. But, they routinely failed at much lower overflow rates.

Some of our Findings:

  • The flow was unevenly distributed to the clarifiers.


    • Install rectangular flow measurement weirs in the effluent launders.

Ultrasonic Meter

  • The activated sludge process was plagued with M. Parvicella, a filament that creates massive amounts of scum and causes poor settling, with SVIs in the range of 200 g/L.


    • Implement an aggressive, chemically oriented approach to eliminating the filament.

M parvicella Scum

  • The Crosby peripheral baffle was too steep (60°) and too long.; they actually encouraged solids carryover.


    • Either remove and reinstall a better designed baffle or install a Crosby med-radius baffle. Installing the Crosby cylindrical baffle in this kind of a clarifier posed several design and operational problems but held the promise of overcoming a number of the design issues.

Crosby Baffle Frame


Is this the world’s biggest Crosby Cylindrical Baffle? (Well, maybe just the 2nd biggest)

Stay tuned to see performance data for the results!