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Clarifier Performance Evaluations, Inc. was formed in 1989 to provide technical assistance and intense field evaluations for those facilities seeking to improve their clarifiers' performance.

Providing technical assistance for industrial and municipal treatment plants, C.P.E., Inc has pioneered in the field of analyzing and optimizing clarifier performance. With experience at over two hundred municipal and industrial facilities and with hundreds of individual clarifiers, its staff has developed special techniques for conducting detailed evaluations of a clarifier’s performance. This same technology has also been used to determine the flow characteristics of lagoons, chlorine contact tanks, and other process reactors.

WebEx Workshops

Do you want to learn more about clarifiers? How they really work? What are the best design practices? John Esler, P.E. is now available to visit your plant, office, or classroom and discuss virtually any clarifier-related topic. Contact John at john.esler@clarifiers.com or at EslerCPE@gmail.com to set up your workshop today!

Clarifiers WebEx workshops can go towards your Professional Development Hours!

Clarifier Services

CPE Services, Inc. was formed in 1989 to provide technical assistance and training to the water and wastewater treatment sector.

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John K. Esler, P.E., President

John K. Esler, P.E., President

John Esler, P.E. is the founder and President of CPE Services, Inc & co-founder and President of Clarifiers, Inc.

His experience includes over thirty years in general construction, consulting engineering, and operator training and technical assistance

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